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  • ron ron Oct 3, 2012 5:58 PM Flag

    yahoo needs to shorten baseball season by a week!

    most of the other managers, and the manager i'm playing rite now in my playoff game has no players on actual real playoff teams, only scrubbs that are getting at bats , are team like kc, or boston, san diego, and that sort of team, i have yankee players, atlanta, detroit players, each only playing half of a game on less or being rested, my point is in basketball fantasy, they dont end on the last of the 82 game season! and usually most of the best players are on playoff teams! see my point?

    • It sounds like you were outsmarted by the other managers.

      When the players you have on teams that have clinched started getting benched, you should have picked up some players off waivers from teams that aren't resting their players.

      However, like you said cutting off the last week and a half of the season would solve that problem.

      BTW, it's a 162 game season, not an 82 game season, haha ;)

      Also, could you answer my question about who to start tonigh between Brett Lawrie, Mark Teixeira and Aramis Ramirez.

    • if they shorten fastasy baseball by say two weeks, then it wouldn't be tainted, thats what they do in basketball fantasy, thats all!


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