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  • ron ron Oct 3, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

    yahoo needs to shorten baseball season by a week!

    jeef p,i 've seen all of your post, either your telling somebody what to do, or your being very negitive, what the "F" wrong with you? dude, you do need to see a headshrink! you got problems!

    • I should not have to read your post 2-3 times because your spelling, punctuation, and grammar, are so atrocious. I am not always negative. I answer questions that people have, sometimes pointing out that the answer is on their league or team page. I only get on the people who whine about #$%$, because they are so damm ignorant of the rules and procedures. Read the league settings page before the season for christ sake, and read the notices that Yahoo puts on the team page. Starting Thursday, we will start to see posts from people who signed up in a money league, and paid somebody they have never met, with Paypal. They will be shocked that they were ripped off, and that since six months has passed, Paypal won't do anything about it.


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