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  • DIESEL DIESEL Sep 30, 2012 2:00 PM Flag

    2013 keeper help please

    Next year my keeper league is switching from h2h to roto. We get six keepers. My 5 keepers are cano,beltre,cutch,stanton,and verlander. my sixth is a tossup need help. sale,goldschmidt,medlen,ortiz,machado,or melky.... also have janson and griffin to. tuff decision

    we use OBP instead of AVG.

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    • I say it's between Goldschmidt & Medlen. You'll be able to get someone as good as Melky in the draft. Same thing with Sale who might be under a pitch restriction given his arm problems this year. Machado has good upside but is probably a year or two away from reaching it, and with a good number of third baseman that will probably be available to you, you can do better next year. Ortiz is on the decline and Goldschmidt should put up better numbers going forward.

      Goldschmidt with help you in every category and has the potential to be a top 5 first baseman given his speed/power mix. Medlen had an awesome season and will give you good ratios and lots of K's. My heart says Medlen as I like his potential but my head says keep Goldschmidt. Hitters are usually kept over pitchers in most leagues and as good as Medlen is, I'm gonna say you can replace most of his numbers with someone else.


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