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  • JEM JEM Sep 29, 2012 11:53 AM Flag



    By "occasional glitches" do you mean every September like clockwork? What don't you like about CBS.... the complete player pool? inclusion of minor league stats on player pages? the way the site scoring always works? manual commish controls and league page customization? daily stat/scoring corrections instead of weekly that don't apply to H2H matchups?

    Fact is, and Evans confirmed this in a message board post months ago, fantasy football is yahoo's biggest moneymaker and they will cater to it over fantasy baseball without hesitation. If you are in a free or public league do whatever you want, have fun, and enjoy. But if you are in a money league where the stakes are high in September, you would have to be a fool to keep coming back to a service provider that does not have the budget, capability, or desire to provide a product that works well all season long.

    Although I have to admit yahoo's new money leagues where they take half of the cash for themselves is genius and I wish I'd come up with that racket first.

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    • Yes CBS has some of the things you said. They also take 3-5 days to place players on the DL, have scoring glitches weekly (NO, the scoring doesn't always work and isn't always accurate), are even slower than Yahoo about taking players off the do not drop list, and the fact that most people don't like their scoring system. And just like Yahoo they like to fix what isn't broken for what they call improvements to the site as opposed to fix actual promlems. The list is endless and if you'd like to hear what others in CBS think of that site, just go to their baseball message boards and see for yourself.


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