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  • Scott Scott Sep 23, 2012 12:19 AM Flag

    Help Me Decide My Keepers!

    Just got eliminated from the playoffs, so I'm working on next season. 10 team league with 5 keepers, here are my 4 definites:


    Who should I keep for my last spot? I have ROY HALLADAY but his horrible season is making me second guess it. I also have KYLE LOHSE, ADAM LAROCHE, JAMES SHIELDS, ALLEN CRAIG, CHASE UTLEY. Everyone else I don't consider top 5 rounds.

    Any thoughts?

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    • Craig or Utley. MMMMM age knees ahhhhhhhhhhh Craig!

    • Allen Craig....Period! The numbers he put up this year are very similar to the numbers Joey Votto puts up. This is the second year Craig is on my team and I've watched and waited for him to come up from the minors. Baring any last minute signings first base should be all his next year.
      LaRoche can usually be found on waivers, as can Lohse dispite his numbers. Shileds is nice, but with only 5 keepers and 10 teams there will be pitchers just as good (or better) available in the draft. Utley....to much to worry about with his balky knees.
      As for Halladay, he's a great pitcher, but he's getting up there in years and while he still has a few more useful years in him and could turn around next year and be his same old self, you will be able to replace most of his numbers in the draft just like with Shields.

    • I like Craig and Shields best on that list. Its looking like Halladay is hurt and may need some surgery at some point. Its close, but I would lean toward Craig. Especially with 2B eligibility.

    • Shields. Had a nice bounce back in the second half (after I traded him!). Expect him to have a good year in 2013.


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