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  • White Mountain Palookas White Mountain Palookas Sep 21, 2012 9:30 PM Flag

    yahoo comish complaint

    I not once called you stupid....when you, firstly, use these boards rather than Yahoo! Support to try to get answers, and secondly, tone your first response to one of those replies (which I read as someone trying to help) as "...so don't give me that garbage", you will be responded to in kind by most. Most people here will genuinely help those who request, and not help those who seem belligerent. I would suggest asking Yahoo! Sports itself, and not those of us who are only participants. I'm an adult, call me anything you want, I really don't care and am really trying to help you even though I have much better things to do. My sermon is now finished.

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    • Your response was completely useless. Yahoo! support could not help me. If You and the rest of the repondents actualy was helpful, that would be different. But comments calling me dumb and stupid accomplished nothing. All I wanted to know was who I could contact to deal with this matter. If you dont know then dont comment.


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