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  • DP DP Aug 30, 2012 4:48 AM Flag

    Hey YAHOO Fantasy Sports..... Scoring in H2H Leagues

    In our custom league at the moment we have 20 stats total between hitters stats & pitching stats. In our league with the way Yahoo scores it right now the 1st place team is 218-140-42 if it was scored as a win or loss each week based upon categories won and lost the 1st place team would be 13-5-2. The last place team is presently scored as 154-195-51 and 59.5 games behind buut by a weekly score would be 6-14-0 and only approximately 8 games behind. Why can't Yahoo score it like this to make it easier to comprehend, especially for people new to fantasy baseball. I had this question come up on my message board so was hoping I could get a reply back on this forum. Is there any reason that Yahoo can't or chooses not to do it this way since you can look at your schedule and see each week as a win, loss or tie? It just seems that you are missing one step in calculating the scoreboard standings. Can that possibly be changed for next year? OR, is there something we are missing in either setting up our league so that it will score that way or another fantasy type that will score it that way?

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