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  • Harry G. Harry G. Aug 20, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

    Incorrect Score

    Yeah, it seems Chris is right. When they corrected the Thursday fiasco, they did it as a two-step process. First the hitter points were added to the standings for Aug. 16, then later in the day the pitcher points were added. Now, the stat correction process is showing corrections for "missing" data for all hitters that played last Thursday. Thus, the stat correction process would add all the points again, making them count double. Yahoo, it seems, had to halt the update process today to figure out how to reverse this. The problem appears twofold: 1) there could be legimate stat corrections from Thursday that won't get processed, and 2) how do they keep the correction process from throwing additional flags due to the unorthodox handling on Thursday. I now see why they spent all day working on this Thursday.


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