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  • Jim Jim Aug 17, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

    Medlen/Minor for Kershaw/Sale

    Over the past 30 days Medlen has 24 K's in 24.2 innings with 2 wins, 1.09 ERA and a .97 WHIP. Minor has 29 K's over 37.2 innins with a 2.39 ERA and .98 WHIP. He only has 1 win but has 5 QS.
    I'm not gonna go into Kershaws numbers as well all know he's great.

    Yes this trade as far as talent goes is lopsided, but if this is a non-keeper league and the guy trading Kershaw is just looking at the numbers, isn't it possible he's thinks he's getting 2 pitchers who are hot right now and making an attempt to solidify his team for the playoffs and not some kind of collusion. He could be new to baseball, or he could be the kind of owner that looks at the pretty numbers and only cares about what someone can do for him now.

    I'm not saying that a veto isn't warranted, all I'm saying in not every bad/lopsided trade involves cheating/collusion. There is no such thing as a bad trade, only bad managers.