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    Trade perspective

    In a Roto league and i am strong in pitching, weak in hitting so i offered king Felix for Mark Trumbo. My rational is that im giving up a top line pitcher for a top hitter. the trade is declined but their comment is "your kidding right?" This is not the first time i have gotten a snide response to a trade offer. Am i missing something? Am i wrong about this being a fair offer? Just would like the opions of others.


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    • I didn't notice at first that your original post was 18 days ago. So since he rejected the trade King Felix has pitched a perfect game for you.

      In the month of August (17 games), Trumbo has 7 runs scored, 2 HRs, 6 RBIs, 0 SBs and a .243 batting average. He has 14 hits and 27 strikeouts. His plate discipline is awful this year. Yes he hits a lot of home runs. But he can't run, and his average is dipping. The only bad thing you can say about King Felix is that the team he plays for suppresses his win total - but that can change.

      If I were you, I would have pinned his snide comment to the league message board the day after the King's Perfecto.

    • Brian: We don't have enough information to comment about fairness. Trades are not made in a vacuum of player vs. player. Where a manager is in the standings, what sort of replacement players he has, and general roster balance are unique to each team. That said, I received the same comment to a proposed trade last week. Don't worry about it. Fantasy baseball has never been a model of manners and communication skills. Best wishes.

    • the guy hasnt bought in to trumbo, simple as that. felix is an established house hold name. your trade isnt bad, but u should probably offer a little more. (in this case forget it, because he either has a hard on for felix or doubts trumbo)

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      • Pete your response makes no sense. HE offered King Felix FOR Trumbo. Not the other way around.

        Brian: Your trade offer is a fair one, and one that I would accept in either a one year or keeper league. There is NO need to sweeten the deal on your end. You could make a much better deal elsewhere I would think.

        For help try to find sites that rank players currently for keeper league formats. Tristan Cockcroft released his last one on July 12th of this year (before King Felix went on his tear). He ranked Felix Hernandez 11th and Mark Trumbo 59th.

        If I were you, I would be happy the trade was rejected.

    • is it a keeper league?


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