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  • Shawn C Shawn C Jul 29, 2012 12:29 PM Flag

    Two leagues need replacement managers

    I have two leagues each with a open slot. Both are near dynasty level keeper leagues.

    The first league is a 18 team, 21 keeper H2H points league. It is currently in its third year. It is a active league with a decent amount of trading and I require teams to maintain some level of activity or I will replace them. The league has one unique feature in that its draft is done completely by waiver claims. Basically the season opens you submit five claims to a email address that was created solely for this purpose the claims are ran and then you pick up the players you were awarded. Since Yahoo increased the number of claims you are allowed at one time I can't use that for it. Tried it one year and it completely took the challenge out of it since you could claim as many as you wanted and be assured to get 5 players.

    This league has two teams in it, both are currently 6-9 but are really only there because of inactivity. I can provide rosters on request.

    The second league is a fairly standard 7 X 7 H2H league. Its been around for over a decade. 20 teams 18-23 keepers. Any player you keep over 18 cost you a draft pick starting with your first. The team up for replacement is a weak team that will take a lot of work.

    I also must note that I open these leagues as soon as I can and I expect teams to be in them in around a week. Until I have something of a history with a team I won't hesitate to replace them. Happened this past season where one of my mid-season replacements took a couple of weeks to get into the league but by then it was already full and starting the draft process. Since the second league drafts by a slow message board draft the sooner its started the better.

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