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  • Danny Barron, Mr. A. H., etal.,etc. Danny Barron, Mr. A. H., etal.,etc. Jul 23, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    complacency: stagnation & mediocrity

    yahoo sports, in so far as their fantasy baseball 'coverage', wants one 'to purchase a package' in order to acquire proper, in-depth, up-to-date? information about teams and players, when, if they did their jobs just half-#$%$ed well, the info in your local team league would-could-SHOULD be supplying the info ANYWAY! I'm sure 'they' could be doing their job(description) correctly if they really gave a rat's #$%$ about it, but, it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, and I've been scooped on that also, guess what -it's NOT that much of an improvement when you do 'PAY'!!; BECAUSE when an individual(s), company, government stands for mediocrity, complacency, money ABOVE ethics or high standards or principles or to keep striving up-ward and on-ward, then, the aforementioned entities STAGNATE, ROT, WITHER, AND DIE, mainly bringing it on themselves due to their own SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS AND BLIND, UNMITIGATED, UNCOMPROMISING GREED! Please, please keep up the GOOD work, you're - as you and I know - are 'the only game' in town. D. B.


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