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  • Jared Jared Jul 17, 2012 11:36 PM Flag

    First year 30 team dynasty needs replacement

    30 team H2H Dynasty on Fantrax needs an active replacement. Daily matchups, salary cap, deep rosters.

    Currently need an owner for the Chicago White Sox. Teams started choosing 45 players from their organization. This team has had some bigger pieces traded.

    $2 yearly fee has been paid for this season. If interested or for more info please contact me on my yahoo ID jrod4419

    Here is the roster:

    Pierzynski, A.J. C - CHW
    Konerko, Paul 1B - CHW
    Weeks, Jemile 2B - OAK
    Youkilis, Kevin 1B,3B - BOS/CHW
    Ramirez, Alexei SS - CHW
    Viciedo, Dayan 1B,LF,RF - CHW
    De Aza, Alejandro CF,RF - CHW
    Rios, Alex CF,RF - CHW
    Danks, Jordan LF,CF - CHW
    Flowers, Tyler C - CHW
    Escobar, Eduardo 2B,3B,SS - CHW
    Lillibridge, Brent 1B,2B,3B,LF,CF,RF - BOS/CHW
    McCoy, Mike SS,CF - TOR
    Luna, Hector 1B,3B - PHI
    Morel, Brent 3B - CHW

    Jones, Nate SP,RP,P - CHW
    Sale, Chris SP,RP,P - CHW
    Reed, Addison RP,P - CHW
    Septimo, Leyson RP,P - CHW
    Heath, Deunte SP,RP,P - CHW
    Omogrosso, Brian SP,RP,P - CHW
    Thornton, Matt RP,P - CHW
    Wells, Kip SP,RP,P - SD
    Axelrod, Dylan SP,RP,P - CHW
    Peavy, Jake SP,P - CHW
    Quintana, Jose SP,RP,P - CHW
    Street, Huston RP,P - SD
    Floyd, Gavin SP,P - CHW
    Horst, Jeremy RP,P - PHI
    Stewart, Zach SP,RP,P - CHW
    Thayer, Dale RP,P - SD
    Danks, John SP,P - CHW
    Humber, Philip SP,P - CHW
    Alburquerque, Al RP,P - DET
    Crain, Jesse RP,P - CHW

    Smith, Kevan C - CHW
    Martinez, Ozzie SS - LAD
    Saladino, Tyler SS - CHW
    Villar, Jonathan SS - HOU
    Taylor, Michael LF,RF - OAK
    Komatsu, Erik CF,RF - MIN/STL
    Wates, Austin CF - HOU
    Hawkins, Courtney LF,CF,RF - CHW
    Walker, Keenyn LF,CF,RF - CHW
    Beck, Christopher SP,RP,P - (N/A)
    Johnson, Erik SP,RP,P - CHW
    Leesman, Charles SP,P - CHW
    Molina, Nestor SP,P - CHW
    Petricka, Jacob SP,P - CHW
    Castro, Simon RP,P - CHW
    Sanchez, Eduardo RP,P - STL

    2013 Draft Picks (for current season, Picks are shown as Round-Pick, Round-Pick, ...)
    2013 1 (MIA), 1 (Hou), 2, 2 (SD), 2 (MIA), 3, 4 (Hou), 5

    Salary Used: $120,000,000 Cap: $150,000,000 Remaining: $30,000,000


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