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  • Drew Drew Jul 17, 2012 7:15 PM Flag

    I have both Bautista and Votto

    Congratulations! You are the lucky owner of two exceptional players. They will be back. I'm a Bautista, Tulo and Gardner owner so I know. :p
    The real question is, do you have the roster depth to cover for them or can you get someone decent in trade or the FA pool?

    • I feel your pain. But check this out. I am in a league with a 21 man roster and only one DL spot. Three weeks ago four of my best players, 3 of them hitters, were on the MLB at the same time. I had to play short for two weeks.

    • Look for Todd Frazier to get a lot of starts at first in Votto's absense. Frazier is currently eligible at 3B & OF but 1B will be coming soon. He's clearly not Joey but is having a better rookie campaign than Harper with more HR & RBI (Great American Ballpark helps) while getting almost 80 less plate appearances thus far. Won't steal as much as Harper but would be a nice fill in for a few weeks.


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