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    Can someone please explain how Yahoo does its scoring for rotisserie leagues because it makes no sense to me. I can't figure out how the team with the best stats for the day actually gets less points!!! Here is an example from yesterday: My team stats = 13/39, 7R, 3HR, 8RBI, 0SB, .333 and 17.0IP, 1W, 0S, 21K, 1.59ERA, 1.06 WHIP and a total of 0 points earned for the day. Then you have the other team in my league that got the most points for the day (2). The stats for that team = 12/41, 6R, 0HR, 2RBI, 0SB, .293 and 10.0IP, 0W, 1S, 9K, 3.60ERA, 1.60WHIP. Clearly I have better results in every category yet I didn't earn the points. I know that this is only for fun, but someone needs to audit the scoring because its very inconsistent and frustrating.

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    • It's not about the day, it's about the totals for the season. On your home page, click the Full Standings tab. That will tell you how close you are to the next person. For example, in your case, let's say you're 4 HR behind the person ahead of you. You got 3 for the day and the person in front got zero. They're still ahead of you by one, so you gained no points in that category. Now repeat that for every category your league uses. You can see that you can have a great day overall, but if your opponents have a wide lead, you don't really gain anything. The other thing is that you can gain 0 points overall, but probably gained points in some categories while losing in others. You can also read go to the Rules link in the upper right of your league page and go to "Rotisserie scoring explained". The new board won't let me link directly (even to their own pages... lame), but that link explains it pretty well.


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