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  • David Vest David Vest Jul 12, 2012 1:05 AM Flag

    Best Fantasy 2nd half performers?

    Not sure who's available to acquire so I'll talk about current roster! 1)Guy's right about Tulo so he'd be 1 to go.Maybe someone not as astute as you might even trade for him. 2) I'd watch Desmond closely. I've heard numerous reports about his oblique injury bothering him and he may be a DL candidate so you might want to acquirea decent backup SS(Drew,Bloomquist,Cabrera in SD,etc) 3) I'd see if someone might want to deal for Meyers/Parnell. You have alot of closers and these 2 might get you that SS while your other 5 are really good so keep them unless getting some extra help might cost you 1 of them. 4) I'd watch Colvin closely. Always been a good prospect but not like this. He might be your best TRADE BAIT right now. You've got alot of power in your lineup so someone in you league might bite on his hot streak and cough up someone you need. 5) Your weak point right now is SP!!!!! I always like alot of pitching to pick and choose from but that's me. I'd try to acquire at least a good SP3 or SP4(or a lower SP2) if you can! If you can get 2,even better. Maybe a decent 3 and 4. I'd roll out Tulo,Colvin and Meyers/Parnell and see what happens. Maybe someone with a weak OF and not a strong Bullpen. It might take Colvin/Reed to grab a SP or Colvin/Rodney but you have Meyers you can keep. Sorry about 2nd half performers but I'd rather not speculate and be wrong for you. He was right about LaRoche! I have him now and I'm worried he might have expended all his worth the first 7-8 weeks but he's still hanging tough. I added Rizzo and he's off to a good start,even on the road/vs.lefties. I'm in an NL only so I don't want to comment to much about AL. Hey good luck and I hope this helps a little!


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