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  • Ryan Ryan Jul 3, 2012 8:13 AM Flag

    Does Anyone Have A Better Team Than This?

    Your team has 33 players on it so You obviously had a chance to waiver wire more quality players than I did. However your roster is not better than mine. My lowest ranked guy on my Offense is 88 that plays I have 94, 106, and 121 on the bench. I have 4 guys of my 10 starters in the top 20 and 3 more that are top 50. 7 of my 10 starters on offense are top 50 and the other 3 rank 63, 79, and 88. Now when it comes to my pitching my lowest ranked starter is Scott Diamond at 139 and if he had pitched a full season instead of being called up he would be top 100. Which is what my other 5 starters are ranked in and actually of the other 5 the lowest ranked one is Wade Miley at 57. Now when it comes to my RP I would put those 4 against any 4 that could be assembled at this point this season. Being that I waiver wired 3 of them I am very happy with how my RP situation turned out. I have the best team I have ever seen assembled with the Roster size and league size period.


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