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    Feedback on changes for 2013

    Several members of my league and myself have been discussing ideas on some changes we feel need to be made for 2013.
    Recently we have run across several problems with double headers.

    PROBLEM #1:
    Pitching: Last week, I had a pitcher scheduled to start on Wednesday, however, due to a postponement, he was rescheduled to pitch the following day. However, with an afternoon game already scheduled at 1:00pm, the make-up game was pushed to 6:30pm. With ERA on the line, it would have been benificial to me to decide whether or not to start my pitcher up to the start of his actual game, not locked at 1:00pm.

    Catching: As a lot of catchers will not start a double header back to back we often find ourselves robbed of a spot in the line-up as once a player has started in that position, it cannot be changed until the following day.

    Other Players: This may also have an effect on all other positions, as a manager may wish to substitute any player on the field due to any number of reason such as a low BA against the scheduled pitcher for the next game. Again, we would find ourselves robbed of stats.

    When a double header game is scheduled, options would appear in the position row, between "STATUS" and "TRENDS (% started)" Those option would be "First", Second", and "Both", each referring to specific games. If "Both" is selected, everything stays the same as it is now. If "First", or "Second" is selected, a second roster row for that position would open allowing you to insert another player and not have to sacrifice stats.

    Ok this one isn't huge, but would really like to see a button in stat tracker next to hitters and pitchers for bench positions as having them mixed in with the batters causes you to have to scroll up and down to see both teams stats. Removing bench payers and giving them their own page as they did pitchers would uncongest the screen and be more user firendly.

    Thanks for any responses!
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