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  • Shawn M Shawn M Jun 13, 2012 7:58 PM Flag

    Veto? Bautista deal..

    I mean I never ever veto trades. Ive only had to veto 2 deals.

    But this just came up in a league and it is a midseason league that just started.

    Bautista and Morrow for Freese, Melky Cabrera, Crisp and Helickson.

    That seems BEYOND one sided.. thoughts?

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    • I think its fair...you're just butthurt because Morrow just went on DL

    • Absolutely not veto-able. Morrow will be out at least a month, and even then, who knows what he'll be when he gets back. He isn't the most consistent player around. Bautista hasn't had a great year ... good, but now Bautista-like. It seems perfectly fair to me.

    • Depends on what your league rules are on trading injured players.

      My league has agreed upon the following: An injured player may not be traded, unless the individual trading the player provides a written (message board) statement indicating such information and the individual receiving the injured player acknowledges such injury in a written (message board) statement.

      If a player is injured while a trade is waiting to be processed, the trade is allowed to be processed as it was agreed to prior to the injury.

    • Not vetoable. Freese is a great 3b, melkey finished 18th last year and is a top 10 player this year. Morrow could be out a long time and hellickson is a dang good pitcher who is struggling. I would do that deal. Look at the numbers this year and last year. Melkey is undevalued.

    • If this is a keeper league, do not veto. The guy getting the jays is building up for next year while, the guy getting freese et al is trying to win now. In any case this is not vetoable, since the point of a veto is for ppl cheating or ppl clearly not knowing what they are doing. These 2 aren't idiots, so let it pass.

    • It's not one sided at all. Helickson is pitching great this year, u just don't hear much about it. He's got the 5th or 4th best ERA in the AL. Melk man is hitting great this year as he was doing last year as well. Morrow is good but on the DL and Bautista is coming out of his slump and is a #1 pick. I look at it like this. If you were to do a draft all over again with what each player is doing right now, how would you draft them? If you have too many #1 picks on one side then you veto it, if not just let it go through.

    • It is not that one-sided and not worth voting against IMO. Melky has been better than Bautista all year, has more SBs and higher AVG. Don't interfere with two managers doing what they think is right for they're teams. If you think they are in collusion where one manager is sacrificing to help the other win, then yes veto it. But you had better be right.

    • not one sided to me. let the deal go through

    • Dude give it up. I answered the 1st time you posted it (different thread). The Deal is at least "FAIR" and therefore should NOT be vetoed just because you don't like it. Melky is having a Great Year and the others are decent. No question Jose is a Stud but now Morrow's out for "awhile" and basically it's not as one-sided as you think. Personally if I had a strong team, I'd rather have Bautista added to mine and give up the "Others" but the deal is still fair enough to go through!

      Let it Go!!!

    • Nope. Let it go. If you can come up with ANY argument for it, let it go. And somebody likes him some Melky. Gotta let it throguh.

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