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  • Alan Alan Jun 11, 2012 6:42 PM Flag

    Let's talk Big Time Timmy Jim

    Right now he has a 6.00 ERA, a 1.58 WHIP, is 2-7 and the team is 2-11 in games he has started. In short...he sucks right now.

    But let's take a better look. The guy is a 2 time Cy Young winner, consistently K's 200+ every year (so we know he has the stuff), is still only 27 and is TIM LINCECUM.

    Sure he is having a bad time of late but does that mean we should all be throwing on the towel where he is concerned? Is there not anyone out there who actually believes he is going to turn this around?

    I have just been offered BTTJ (I won't say what for) and I am finding it hard to look away. 2 months ago this trade would have been a no brainer. What are your thoughts guys? I would love to hear them.

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