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  • Wood Wood May 28, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    Veto Problems

    I am the commissior a league that vetos almost everything. I am normally against changing settings during the season, but this is ruining a key aspect of fantasy sports. If I don't change them, I run the risk of losing managers that are fed up with the vetos. Am I out of line if I change the settings? Below is a list of the vetoed trades. What are your thoughts?

    Trade 1:

    Asdrubal Cabrera
    Justin Morneau
    Tim Hudson
    Albert Pujols

    Trade 2:

    Madison Bumgarner
    Dustin Ackley
    Kyle Lohse

    Trade 3:

    Mark Trumbo
    Angel Pagan
    Aaron Harang
    Chris Young
    Tommy Hanson

    Trade 4:

    Hunter Pence
    Todd Helton
    R.A. Dickey
    Shane Victorino
    Austin Jackson (prior to injury)
    Brandon McCarthy (prior to injury)

    Trade 5:
    Hunter Pence
    Shane Victorino
    Austin Jackson (prior to injury)
    Brandon McCarthy (prior to injury)

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    • change it, the only time trades should be vetoed is if you think there is collusion or a team giving up, none of these seem that way.

    • if half the league vetoes the trade...then dont allow trade, if less than half veto the trade let it go through

    • some of those i would veto against it. change rules lose other teams then try to defend your rating. you lose managers either way.

    • 5 looks lopsided in my way.

    • No. 5 is questionable, but as a commissioner of two leagues I keep the veto power and have never vetoed a trade. Why? Because in all but a few cases of collusion or outright stupidity people can justify why they make certain trades. Some trade players doing quite well now for those whom they believe will come on later. Some will trade players based on past performances. Heck, the first two weeks of the season Chone Figgins was the best thing around since sliced bread, while Pujols of the Angels took weeks to get warm. To me that trade would not have made sense based on past performaces, but you know what? Sometimes players do have career years or, like Rickie Weeks this year, poor seasons that defy their past. In addition, owners not involved in trades are only interested in making sure that their teams don't get surpassed in terms of talent. One other thing: there are very few "totally even" trades. That is the nature of the beast. Change your settings and if people leave, tell them you'll miss them and find other owners. There are no shortages of guys and gals looking to join leagues.

    • What I did in my league to prevent this (we had a very similar problem) is I changed the settings to Commish choice but set the wait time to 7 days. Then, whenever a trade is made, if anybody has a problem with the trade they have to post why they think it should be vetoed. Then the managers making the trade are able to respond to these issues and justify themselves. So far, the vast majority of trades made are eventually allowed and the good thing is that the people that want the trades to be vetoed almost always are put at ease when the trade is explained by the two managers making it. I think the key is that it's all out in the open instead of anonymous and secretive like clicking a veto button. People can't just vote against a trade, they actually have to be held accountable as to why they're against a trade, which prevents spiteful votes.

      As a commissioner you'd have to be trusted by the managers to make it work, but it's worked pretty well for us.

    • I had a similar problem last year except I ended up changing the settings from "commish" to "league votes". The only trades I think are legit are 2 & 3. I would have voted against all the others also, but your biggest problem is that pic of Kobe. I'm a Lakers fan but I hate Kobe!

    • i had the same problem in my league the main thing is ounce a manager gets vetoed they get pissed and just veto everything. so i had to change the settings. i just told all the managers if they had a problem with a trade to email me with a lagitamet complaint and i would make the final decision. its also good to create a co commishner to deal with any trades the commishner is involved in.


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