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  • AUricle AUricle May 22, 2012 9:29 AM Flag

    Morrow 'correction' TOTAL BULL-SHEITE!

    NFW are you "more pissed" than ME. I'll bet you $1000 right now on that. I'm in a league of FAMILY members and it's for MONEY, so I KNOW that trumps your 'friends' league in terms of just what's at stake here. I'll lose family HONOR, MONEY, BRAGGING RIGHTS, and all those 'emotional intangibles' that are WAY STRONGER within a family as opposed to just friends.
    This thing already cost me ONCE. There's NO WAY I'm losing AGAIN over this same issue, but like i said, if you've got the money to lose, we can keep this going.
    Oh yeah, and I'll be the 'judge' for this. Don't worry. I'll be fair and objective.
    Get back to me. I need the money.


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