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  • AUricle AUricle May 21, 2012 3:40 PM Flag

    Morrow 'correction' TOTAL BULL-SHEITE!

    Went to bed thinking I tied 5-5. NO category that COULD change due to a stat correction was even close enough to warrant even a brief second thought.
    This morning I discovered I had 'lost' 6-4 and spotted the change right away. My weeks ERA was 2.99 last night but this morning it had SOARED to 3.44 (that's right, +.45 overnight AND in spite of having 90 innings pitched for the week!)
    Wait, it gets even 'better'.

    Thinking that some error in stat corrections had taken place I went to that page to see what trav-e-sha-mockery could possibly be responsible for such an IMPOSSIBLY LARGE correction. Here's what I saw;

    Brandon Morrow (my SP) +1 hit, +5 ER.....+5.....F-I-V-E EARNED RUNS without any other explanation.
    So I click on Morrow player notes and there's the scoop as per Yahoo Sports;

    RHP Brandon Morrow picked up five earned runs before he took the mound Saturday against the Mets. The additional earned runs were the result of a scoring change in Monday's 7-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. A DESERVED error on 1B Adam Lind was changed to a hit for some reason. The change increased Morrow's ERA to 3.08 from 2.22.

    If that's not agendized score keeping I don't know what is. Can't blame Yahoo, and certainly not my opponent, who btw, is now the beneficiary for the 2nd week in a row of a match-up altering 'correction'. As they say, "the trend is your friend". Ride the lightning while it lasts!

    No way MLB should allow such large arbitrary 'corrections' to take place without some type of scorer review board oversight. Changes like this could impact year-end MLB pitching awards, and should NOT be at the whim of some 'homer' score-keeper.
    OK, I guess I'm done.....and NO, I DON'T feel better, but I'm putting this in writing to MLB!
    Thanks for listening.....or not.

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