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  • Andrew Andrew May 13, 2012 5:30 AM Flag


    I need a replacement manager to take over a dead team.

    8 teams. 9 bench spots, 4 dl spots. Head-to-head scoring. 8 stat categories each for hitting and pitching. Roster moves allowed daily.

    Soto, Pujols, Kinsler, Longoria (dl), D Gordon, Pence, A Gordon, BJ Upton, Zimmerman, A Rodriguez, Goldschmidt, Markakis, Kipnis, Aybar, Moustakas

    F Hernandez, Cain, Strasburg, J Johnson, M Moore, Zimmerman, Axford, Guerra, Farnsworth (dl), Chacin (dl)

    This team has several players that need to be DL'd. It's also way too heavy on bench hitters and way too light on bench pitchers. A lots of guys in this league, including myself, are the other way around. So this team doesn't stand a chance in the W's, K's, GIDP's categories unless a new manager drops a few hitters and adds a few starting pitchers to rack up those stats. Only 8 teams, so even though I added a few extra bench spots, there's still lots of good pitching on the free agent list. A few closers available, too. And this team needs a few of those ...

    Overall, there are enough good players on the free agent list to make this team very competative. 6 of 8 teams make the playoffs. And anything can happen in the playoffs, so the sky is still the limit for this team.

    I want an experienced manager who knows what he's doing and is going to be very active. This team is playing the first place team starting Monday. I want the new manager to lay the smack down on that team so I can gain some ground! lol.

    The first guy to e-mail me (don't reply on here) gets the team.


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