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  • Want The Last Word Really Bad Huh? Want The Last Word Really Bad Huh? May 6, 2012 8:34 PM Flag

    Going Catcherless

    Those are some pretty poor outfield choices to place ahead of carrying a catcher. I'd rather have Kurt Suzuki than any of those guys. Reddick's durability is questionable. I saw him play in Boston last year. He's a poor baserunner, a streaky hitter, and with a thin build. He was in AAA last year. Campana is not even an every day player - why bother with that?

    For a lot of the "platoon" catchers, they seem to be more fresh throughout the year with those days off every week, so their overall batting average isn't as low as you would think.

    It's all about the draft really. If you draft a strong hitting team and keep a watchful eye on impatient idiots who drop Alex Gordon or Mat Latos in April, you won't need any extra hitters wasting roster spots...AND...you won't have to waste your time setting daily lineups against matchups and punching the wall when you bench a guy who hits a home run.


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