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  • M-v-P M-v-P Apr 11, 2012 12:27 PM Flag

    Who would you rather have?

    Someone just dropped Logan Morrison in my public league... and I drafted strong batters over pitchers. So should I drop Adam Lind, Figgins, or Torii Hunter for the OF Morrison? He is on waivers so I may not get him. And I am a strong believer in Figgins.
    Also, I'm not an Angels fan, but I am a Pujols fan, and since I got the first pick I drafted Pujols over Kemp and Miggy, was that a smart move, or just dumb? Because Pujols is off to a horrid start. I also ended up with Howie Kendrick and Hunter on my team too -.- . Too many Angels..
    Plz voice your thoughts! thanks

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    • I've got Morrison. I don't know if I'd jump in on him because of his injury concerns. I think that picking Pujols first this year was a stretch, many people saw him more at the 4 or 5 slot.

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      • Yep, it looks like it was a stretch :/
        This is my first baseball league, and if I knew that Pujols would have such a terrible start I would've gone for 1) Kemp, then 2) Miggy, and then 3) Cano.. if he doesn't start to play as his normal self this year I'll be damn worried... :D
        Thanks guys! Also, will Boesch do well this year? Better than last year? It seems like there are already too many dominant batters on Detroit, from Fielder to Miggy,to his fellow OF Austin Jackson.

    • Since your a big believer in Figgins, and it will be hard for you to let him go, I'd say drop Hunter and go for Morrison if you can. Before you do this though, check to see if Morrison is going to be seeing everyday playing time in Miami. If he isn't, then keep Hunter.