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    Information for league:

    There will be 4 leagues all consisting of 12 teams a piece. The first year of the league will be just deciding who gets into what division. The top 3 in each league will be in division A, the next three in division B, the next three in division C, and the final three in division D. Each year after that, the top three teams in each league will move up one division, and the bottom three teams in each league will move down one division. You must stay very active in this league, or you will be kicked out and we will find a replacement for you. Each sport has an Division A, B, C, and D, it does not carry over from one sport to the next, that way you are always playing against your level of competition. One thing that is a must, is that you have to participate in all of the four sports to stay in the league. If you do not participate in all four sports, you cannot be in the league. We will have a live draft for each sport, and I am trying to work out a way to make this a keeper/dynasty league. The scoring for each sport is the following: MLB: Roto, NHL: Roto NBA: Roto, and NFL: H2H, this is not set and stone and could change at sometime.

    If you want to join contact me at jeffreycogswell@yahoo.com


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