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  • Andrew Andrew Mar 11, 2012 2:48 PM Flag

    Trade proposed to me

    1st year keeper
    14 teams, 2 divisions
    Rosters: 21 slots, 14 starters, 7 bench
    Keepers: 4 (no restrictions)
    H2H, 7x7 cats
    Batters: Runs, hits,HR,RBI,SB,AVG,OPS
    Pitchers: Wins, Saves, K, Hlds,ERA,WHIP, K/9

    I get

    Chris Sale

    I give

    Ivan Nova

    I am thinking of declining but just want some other opinions. I mean Sale isn't the closer for the white Sox's to my knowledge I think Crain is or am I wrong on that. Anyways I think Nova will help my team more than Sale would.

    Here is my team

    Alex Avila

    Pablo Sandoval

    Robinson Can?

    Emilio Bonifacio

    Ian Desmond

    Hunter Pence

    Mart?n Prado

    Mark Trumbo

    David Freese

    Justin Verlander

    C.J. Wilson

    Joakim Soria

    Kyle Farnsworth

    Doug Fister

    Mark Reynolds

    Aaron Hill

    Mitch Moreland

    Ryan Doumit

    Alexi Ogando

    Iv?n Nova

    Matt Capps

    Also his SP are Brendan Morrow, Josh Johnson, Ervin Santana, and Ted Lilly


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