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  • Pastor Pastor Feb 27, 2012 6:19 PM Flag

    interesting, fun league forming

    doing this for hockey right now and it is fun
    if you are interested please contact me at this email
    ytse82@hotmail.com..not on here

    THE RULES ---

    1) The winner of each week's head-to-head is able to swap a player of
    their choice with the loser. Regular season ONLY, no swaps in playoffs.

    2) All roster players are eligible to be swapped, except for the following :
    ~ Players labelled IR are not eligible
    ~ Players within Draft Rounds 1 thru 3 are not eligible

    3) In case of a tie, no swap is made that week.

    4) Winners must post your swap by midnight on MONDAY EST.

    5) Any swaps posted after Monday midnight will not be processed.

    6) The winner must post a message in this format:
    "WinningTeam takes PlayerX from LosingTeam and drops PlayerY"

    7) Winner must then drop their dropped player and the commish will
    complete the swap asap.

    8) Any pending trade offers that include swap players must be cancelled or
    else I can not complete the swap!

    9) If you win and have an IR slot filled with a non-IR player, you must
    drop an extra player or else I will not be able to add your swap.

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