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    ultimate league

    Salary Cap Rules
    1. The 2012 season cap is set at 120 million.
    2. All teams must be cap compliant at the start of the season and all season long.
    3. Players salaries will be broken down to the 50,000.
    4. The minimum salary will be 450,000.
    5. All free agents will start at 450,000 during the season once a claim is put on them. If the claim holds up for 24 hours then the player is yours. If another manager puts in a higher bid within 24 hours then he currently holds the claim. This process will go on until a claim holds up for 24 hours.
    6. If a player is cut that is under contract, the owner will receive a cap hit of 50% of the players salary. Each additional season on the contract will receive a 25% cap hit for the owner.
    7. Each manager will receive a minor league affiliate before the season starts. These players will be on hold for you when they come up into the big leagues. Once a pitcher or catcher who has recorded at least 10 innings pitched or 25 at bats in the big leagues and is not on your big league roster will become a free agent. If a player is on an affiliate that is not associated with an owner, once the player becomes eligible to pick up in the yahoo league, then he will be eligible to put in a claim for.
    8. We will have an on going auction draft to determine what owners get who. Before the season starts, each owner will have to specify how many years their contract will be for each individual player. The amount of seasons you can select are (1-5). The player will be locked in at that salary for the whole season and then each additional season will have a 5% increase added to it.
    1. The draft will be an auction draft on yahoo. The 260 that you are using to bid with is your 120 million, so don’t forget to save some. I will convert it over after the auction draft is over.
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