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  • Derek Derek Feb 10, 2012 10:21 AM Flag

    Yahoo's Greed in Pro Leagues

    I agree it is a large piece of the pie...but to say "so basically, we're paying Yahoo! $70 per league to do absolutely nothing." How can you say that??? They run the website which does all the calculations and keeps track of everything. If anything we, the players, do "nothing". Try doing one of these leagues with boxscores and an excel spread sheet (or pen and paper) everyday. You're out to lunch dude.

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    • Calm down dude, my point was that we are paying them to do nothing more than what they've offered for free in the past.

      and i don't have a problem with them taking money off the top - i just don't get why they deserve 30%. if i tried that in my private leagues, my managers would flip.


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