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  • Jay Jay Feb 7, 2012 4:57 PM Flag

    keeper help

    need some thoughts

    keep 5 indefinitely. pool of players to keep:

    Cano, Votto, Tulo, Braun, Lawrie, Halladay.

    We allow draft pick trading. right now I do not have a afirst or third round pick.

    Would it be ridiculous to keep Lawrie over Halladay and then go into the draft targeting pitchers with my first 2-3 picks and then fill out the rest of my roster. 3B is pretty shallow with who is left after keepers. I think pitching is deep enough that I can still put together a good team. Plus I can try to trade Halladay before keepers are due for a higher pick in the draft to help supplement my lack of early picks.

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    • I'd keep halladay. Im thinking you could trade him for an even better 3B option than Lawrie after the season starts.

      Food for thought. . .

    • If it's only a 10 or 12 team league with only 5 keepers, there should be enough pitching to go around if you decide to go that route.
      I'm torn on my advice because you are allowed to keep players indefinately. Lawrie is a highly touted rookie with a ton of upside. The problem is upside doesn't always translate to major league success. Delmon Young a few years back was supposed to be then end all be all can't miss prospect.....where is he now. Halladay on the other hand, while he is on the wrong side of 30 hasn't shown signs of slowing down (aka Randy Johnson).
      While nobody would fault you for keeping Lawrie over Halladay, and while there should be pleanty of pitching to go around, I still might keep Halladay for several reason.
      1. With only 5 keepers per team, there will be a good number of rookies available in the draft where you will still be able to get a very good young player later on in the draft or during the season.
      2. You only have 1 pick in the first 3 rounds so you'll need to have players in place that are guaranteed to put up numbers.
      You currently have that with your hitters so there's no need to take a risk with Lawrie no matter how good he is supposed to be/might be. Take the sure thing with Halladay.

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      • thanks Jim.

        it seems to be split down the middle with the answers I am getting.

        There are two additional points....
        1. I have an deal in place that would get me a 2nd rd pick for Lawrie
        2. I have a handshake deal to move Halladay for Justin Upton.

        If I can get Upton...discussion over. I move Halladay for upton and trade Lawrie.

        I agree with the thought that pitching is deep enough to take the chance, but I also agree that hype is only hype. right now I'm torn.


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