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  • Steve-Spindodger-Boys of Som Steve-Spindodger-Boys of Som Jan 28, 2012 4:29 PM Flag

    got a few spots available

    realistic league:
    For intermediate to advanced fantasy pool players only (beginners would get chewed up and shown no mercy). It's Serious! but funnnnn. You must have been in yahoo baseball or equivalent fantasy pools for 3 years or more.
    year round participation required. we will have an off-season site to conduct drafts, off-season trades, news and info etc.
    This will be a 7x7 rotisserie league - 16 teams, 25-player rosters, year-to-year full keeper dynasty.
    Stat categories: hitters - R, RBIs, HR, ave, BB, SB, OBP
    pitchers - Wins, Saves, ERA, Ks, WHIP, Holds, Quality Starts.
    C, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, 3-outfield, 1-DH, 4-SP, 6-P, 6-bench (4-IR as well).
    These stat cats allow for the widest selection of players - requiring owners to consider various types of players/pitchers and emulates owning a real MLB team.
    Rosters will be 25-players, (minimum 10 pitchers required in-season at all times in active starter roster spots). we will have annual drafts, based on the number of players you choose to drop from your 25-man rosters, based on worst to first in the previous season final standings. for Year 2 we will create a minor league roster of 6 players each. All trades will be deemed acceptable, unless 4 owners object with valid reasons for objecting. While we cannot legislate stupidity in trades made, we will overrule a trade if we feel it affects the rest of the league negatively. The trade partners in this case will be asked to rework the deal or cancel it.
    To start us out - year one only - we will stock our rosters via autodraft. That's for this year only.

    This will be an active, fun league. I have commissioned a few leagues and know these pools well. this is for fun only. Just be experienced, active, with a sense of humor. we love banter! it will be run fairly, firmly and openly. No hotheads.

    Please email me - spindodger@yahoo.ca - with your email address, state your experience level or your yahoo profile info and interest level. Feel free to include humor, unique or little-known baseball facts/ info, or something interesting baseball-related............

    Again, this is a fun league only, please address your email to me: WILD PITCH BASEBALL LEAGUE

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