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  • Four-L'S Four-L'S Oct 4, 2011 8:45 PM Flag

    Need to decide on last two keepers

    I need to decide between

    m. young ( older and probably will not bat .330 next season)
    v. martinez (same as above)
    dan uggla ?(will he have same low avg next season?)
    elvis andus (3rd best ranked SS, but is he really worth keeper spot?)
    bj upton (finished strong but again potential low avg.)

    which two of these guys should i keep? one thing to keep in mind here are my other 6 keepers in a 5x5 std hdh and 2 utility psitions and one IF position as well..so i could keep multiple 2nd, 3rd or ss players if i need to..

    cc sabathia

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    • I would keep Uggla, who should do better then .233, after getting comfortable in Atlanta and Endrus, is good avg and SB, plus has upside since he is still young. Young can only go backwards from here, Upton, has never lived up to his potential. V Martinez doesn't have upside, just best at what he did this year. If anyone I would keep from the 3 would be V martinez instead of one of the two suggested

    • Like everyone else says, keep V.Martinez. The second player I say is Michael Young just cause you know Kinsler will get hurt at some point and he's a good backup for Beltre. I wouldn't waste a keeper spot on Andrus as you should be able to get him back if you really want him. If not you might be able to get a Dee Gordon to replace him, or maybe Emilio Bonifacio or Jhonny Peralta. Point being there are a good number of middle tier SS you can get that are equal to Andrus.
      Dan Uggla is another option with more power potential. His average is a risk but it shold be better than what he put up this year.

      And I hate B.J. Upton so I can't give you an unbias opinion of him.

    • i agree. v mart and is cc your only quality pitcher??

    • Easy. V-mart and Elvis. Both elite players at their respective positions

    • Keep Victor Martinez because he is still an ELITE catcher. Though he may be platooning catcher next year with Alex Avila, but then again he numbers shouldnt go down then becuase he would be the DH, we just need to hope he has enough games at catcher to qualify for the position (I WOULD STILL KEEP HIM)

    • Martinez, hes a catcher and although his average may come down, his power could go up some. And Andrus, seeing that you already have Kinsler at 2B theres no real need for Uggla and even though Young is consistently good, he is getting older. I think your first thing to do would be look to trade a couple of those guys and see if you can get a superstar in return.

    • helllpp


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