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  • MAC D MAC D Sep 25, 2011 8:06 AM Flag

    Commish rip off.. stole the money

    Only money leagues you should do are with real life friends.its funny because i like to check the message board towards the end of the season just to read people getting locked out of leagues or getting ripped off .my advice is do your research,ask questions and look at the commisioners fantasy profile.luckily this was done through pay pal so im sure they can possibly do something about it.good luck and i hope it works in your favor.

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    • go to the members page of your league and give the commissioner a negative rating and leave your comments there. yahoo is collecting all the ratings and will post them on their fantasy profile so others will know what kind of player they are. Sucks that it happened, I just hope is was only a few bucks and not a lot of money.