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  • Goondal Goondal Sep 5, 2011 12:51 PM Flag


    Anybody notice how Yahoo! is deleting all the threads talking about their screw-up with the Week 22 stats?

    Instead of fixing the problem they are deleting the complaints.

    Yahoo! = North Korea, who knew?

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    • It's their forums. They can delete whatever they want. You singed a TOS agreement contract when you signed up for Yahoo and acknowledged you understood this. And Yahoo WILL get the leagues updated. I received a response from "Scott", whoever that is, from Yahoo Support saying at this time they have to update leagues manually due to problems. It will be fine. Settle yourself down.

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      • Sure they will get it fixed, but I am with the masses - this is pathetic. Gametime in rnd 1 and stattracker is empty of data and my league is pissed off at the delay.
        How would you like it if your favorite NFL team made it to the playoffs, but the wrong team showed up to play them? How about if the first inning is over for your favorite MLB team and you suddenly realize that - aw, shucks - I actually should be playing the Tigers, not the Yankees. Since it's yahoo's venue, how about your team shows up at gametime for your first playoff game, and the ground crew forgot to get the field ready.
        It's a joke, regardless when it get's fixed.
        Maybe you work for yahoo? Trying to save face when the eyes have already been clawed.

    • this is true... yahoo is message board stalkers.

    • u r a moron.


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