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  • Greg Y Greg Y Sep 5, 2011 2:03 AM Flag

    Who to keep for 2012? Pick 4

    Ryan Zimmerman, Andrew Mccutch, Jacoby Ellsbury, Roy Hallday, Dustin Pedoia, Joey Votto? I can only have 4.

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    • You can't really go wrong here...as long as you don't take Ells and McCutch. Pedroia is a lock with 2B being a tough position, and I want to say the same about Zim. My gut reaction was Halladay, Ells, Pedroia, and Votto, but Doc or Ells would be easier to find a replacement part than Zim at 3B would be.

    • 1. Votto is a lock.

      2. Zimmerman because the position is so scarce. He had an off year but he's still capable of being one of the top 3 third baseman.

      3. I'd keep Ellsbury over McCutchen just for the fact he'll score more runs and should produce a better batting average than McCutchen. You can't go wrong with either but I prefer Ellsbury.

      4. Pedroia or McCutchen. McCutchen is a 20/20 player and those are always nice to have. He won't put up super numbers in any one catagory but he'll contribute nicely in all of them. Pedroia is on of the top 2nd baseman in the league, but 2nd/SS players always carry an injury risk. Second base isn't as barron as it used to be so if you don't keep Pedroia you can still get a decent player to fill in there. If you only play 3 OF I'd keep Pedroia, If you play 4 OF I'd lean towards McCutchen, but you can't go wrong with either.

      As for Halladay, yes he's great...but you guys are only keeping 4 players so there will be a lot of pitching available to you next year and while you may not get a Roy Halladay you can more than likely get a few of the next best things. Add on the fact he will be 35 next year. I always look at the players age and their potential to produce long term. Halladay is nearing the end while the players above are just entering there prime.

    • McCutch, Halliday, DP, & Votto

    • Jacoby Ellsbury, Roy Halladay, Dustin Pedroia, Joey Votto


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