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  • Skunky Skunky Aug 17, 2011 8:34 PM Flag

    Are these guys keepers?

    tommy hansen
    adam jones
    somehow my post was deleted but i didnt delete it and didnt see any of the posts was wondering what u guys thought

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    • All borderline. You don't really lose by keeping any of them if they are your last couple keepers, but not a huge gain either. Depends on your other keepers and what you think will be available next year.

    • Starlin is definitely a keeper due to his age and how good he's doing this year and Hanson, also young, is having a pretty good year though there is always room for improvment he already has 142k's so I'd keep him to. Bumgarner...Im not sure rough start to the year but I sure you could draft someone better.

    • Bumgarner & Hansen = Absolutely
      Adam Jones = I wouldn't bother. He's sort of a subpar 5 tool player. You will easily be able to find someone of his production on the waiver wire every single season. Plays in a weak lineup in a very tough division to hit in. Not a high ceiling with that combo.
      Starlin Castro = He's great IRL, mediocre at best from a fantasy standpoint. He has a decent average, nothing more. Only thing he has going for him is he could possibly bat 3rd next season with the way the Cubs roster pans out. But more than likely he'll bat leadoff and get stranded all year long by a terrible middle of the lineup. Cubs will be in full blown rebuild mode next year.

    • If you can keep all four of them then that's an absolute no brainer...Bumgarner has been absolutely amazing this second half and Hanson has already proven what kind of live arm he has. Starlin Castro is a developing bat and dynamic player at the league's most thin position and adam jones is a serviceable OF with decent pop and speed whom you SHOULD have for below market value based on his year last year...if you can drop three then drop Jones...if you can only drop two then drop Castro depending on how much pitching matters in your league...if pitching is less valuable than bats then keep Castro and Bumgarner (although Hanson/Bumgarner is really a can't pick wrong proposition).

    • Hanson and Bumgarner are definitely keepers. Less sold on Castro other than position scarcity...realistically he's been nothing more that a AVG guy so far. Adam Jones has had a nice year, but you can find that kind of production in the OF much easier.


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