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  • Zain Zain Aug 8, 2011 10:56 AM Flag

    Drew Stubbs - Drop now?

    Ok so the only thing that has stopped me from dropping his a$$ is the HR and SB he had last night and the fact that he has a easy hitting schedule this week. He has now been dropped to 6th in the Reds lineup (for last game anyway). Desmond Jennings is on the waiver wire waiting for me to replace him. Should I even wait this week out (and Stubbs' easy hitting schedule) or should I just add Jennings straight away (before my fellow league managers see this message!).

    Other notable rookies out there are

    Brett Lawrie
    Jemile Weeks
    Mark Trumbo

    Thanks for the help.

    I'm in a 10team H2H NON keeper (obviously).

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    • As Filthy said, it depends on what you need. Do you realize he is 44th ranked in all of fantasy? His average may never approach .300 but he will continue to be a consistent HR and SB producer, and a change to the 5-6 spot will probably improve RBI totals. Also, I picked him up last year around this time, and he helped me to win my league. I definitely wouldn't expect Desmond Jennings to outproduce Stubbs (for this year anyway.)

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      • I didn't realise he was 44th but i can see why - he had a great and i mean GREAT 1st half, but he has undoubtedly dropped off. I wonder what his rank would be from mid June onwards? He is second in NL in runs scored which is a category that I am traditionally weak on. As are RBIs. So I guess, moving to 6th should help that. But i need consistency, not 2 good weeks since June. OK here is my team,

        Lawrie ( i just picked him up)
        STUBBS (traded Logan Morisson, Matt Joyce and Jonanthan Sanchez for Stubbs and Brian Wilson)
        Teixera (traded Cliff Lee)

        my pitching is ok

        Romero (traded Jayson Heyward)

        what categories do you think I might be weak on?

    • You should drop Stubbbbs right now and pick-up Desmond Jennings and Brett Lawrie. They have bright future in MLB in my opinion.

    • i dropped Stubbs a couple months ago. Go for jennings or lawrie!!

    • I don't think stubbs thinks he is a lead-off man. He will do better in the 6 hole. Last year he was on fire in august and september. If he didn't s/o and would hit the balll more line drive he would raise his avg and if he learns to bunt he will be a force to deal with. A lot of ifs. I like stubbs better.

    • it depends on what you have, man. if you need steals, runs, and an occaisional home run, keep him. sure his average is low but he makes up for it in other ways. he's a top 50 fantasy performer so my advice would be to keep him. if nothing else, use him as trade bate. maybe you can package together he and maybe another equal guy on your team and get a really good outfielder like Nelson Cruz, josh hamilton, or maybe a guy like McCutchen

    • i dropped stubbs months ago


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