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    Hanley trade value

    i put hanley on the block and got to trade offers

    1)(mccutchen/stubbs and becket/pineda)

    2) ( starlin, michael morse, dan haren)

    yes no? ask for someone else? pretty balanced team no glaring weakness in any category or positon, though the only SS i have behind hanley is jj hardy.

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    • is piendas possible inning cap a problem? i heard they may not and i heard 200 is max. its a head to head leugue so playoffs is were i need a guy the most,(im in a good postion to make it to the postseason)

      what about beckett? he also has jon lestor on the dl? would that be a good move to pair with mccutchen if i do decide to trade?

      on trade B alternatives to morse and stalin are lance berkman, zimmerman, and bourn? these are all hypothetical havent sent him a counter yet but i was wondering if you guys could help me with outlook

    • I agree with Geoff, you should be getting a top-tier SP in return, so something like McCutchen/Pineda would be a great deal. Stubbs already on the down, and Beckett is next to fall in-line behind Lackey, so don't bite. If you've got Hardy you don't need Starlin. Maybe that owner would give you someone better instead of the combo Morse/Starlin? Package that guy with Haren and you could have something nice too.

    • only the options in group #1 would interest me if its a keeper league. hanram could have a big 2nd half.

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      • sure, he could have a big second half, but he could also have a lousy second half... he appears to play when he wants to and isn't motivated for long stretches of time..

        He was a great player in 2009. In the end, he had a very good season in 2010, especially in comparison to other shortstops. And that's the reason that Yahoo rated him so highly. The drop off between he and Tulo and then the next best shortstop.

        In 2010, Tulowitzki was the #21 ranked player, Ramirez 24. The next best guy was Jeter at #86. That's a drop off of 62 spots; huge. There were a number of "2nd" and "3rd" round guys, who had statistically better seasons that ramirez last year, but they played at much better stocked positions.

        But, look at this year. Shortstop isn't such a weak position. There are seven SS in the top 89 players (none named hanley ramirez, by the way).

        So, if you get a deal with one of those shortstops and another star (i.e. castro and price, as someone mentioned) or you get mccutcheon and pineda (and have decent alternatives at short), I'd do it in a second....

        If the shortstops who are now in the top 89 had the same year they're having this year and hanley had the same 2010, there is no way that he'd be an early first round pick, or a first round pick at all... his position this year, was mostly justified by how much the other shortstops sucked last year...

    • If you could do McCutchen/Pineda, you'd be sitting pretty. Pineda may hit an innings limit, but it's hard to say. I will tell you, I had a hell of a time trading him and settled for Pence/Hellickson. Not the best deal, but too frustrated with Hanley and had Peralta to back him up. It's worked out so far.

    • truthfully i would run away with AM and Stubbs. Let hanley go..
      I made a bold prediction last year, saying that Hanley shouldnt be a top 5 adp and he started to prove it last season with down numbers. Hes only solidied my claim so far this season.

      For all of those stupid people who keep saying " No dont do it, hes a first round guy."...Yeah hes a first round guy..whose ranked 174. yeah he HAS the potential to be a top fantasy player, but is he performing like one this season? you be the judge. I would take McCutchen and Stubbs for Hanley any day.

      Right now, you're looking at Hanley to finish the season with a .275-.280 avg, 14HRs , 65 RBIs, and about 22 SBs. and im giving him the benefit for the HRs and the batting avg.

    • I just traded for him in a keeper league. I gave Starlin castro and David price.

    • I packaged Hanley with Felix Hernandez and moved him for Tulo/Verlander and was obviously pretty stoked he still carried 1st round value, even with his wretched AVG.

    • mccutchen/pineda is closest but I would keep hanley. He's a first round pick dude. He has more talent than all names in your message combined.


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