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  • Charly Charly Jun 24, 2011 10:27 PM Flag

    Player Can Stay on DL Even After Coming Off

    Per the rules: "Once on the DL, a player may stay there for the entire season, even if they return to real-life action."

    Why in the world does Yahoo! allow this? It's a maneouver that a manager can use to prevent a good player from ever being used in the league after they come off the DL. I know that the price for a mgr doing this is that they cannot make any trade or free agent acquisition (which is a pretty steep price, especially early in the season)... But still. Why allow mgrs to do this in the first place?

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    • i didn't read thru so i'm not sure if somebody said this. but u can only keep them all season if u don't ever wanna pick somebody up. as soon as u wanna add some1 itll say u have a player on the dl whose not listed

    • ...why would you want to bench him for an entire season? You left out the fact that Yahoo will not allow you to make any other roster moves until you activate the player on the DL.

      If someone wants to bench that player and make no other moves the rest of way, fine by me. Let them.

    • I like the rule. It allows me to make sure the player is completely healthy before dropping someone and activating them. It allows me a 'free' extra roster spot..... goes along with being able to load up with pitchers when you only have 1 IP left before you hit 1400 innings.... and ending up with 1440 innings instead.

    • I think for a one or two day period this isn't the worst thing in the world, especially if one of those days falls on a day like Thursday when we all needed players because there were only five games played. But that is extreme, and to even disallow this ruse should be the rule. I has such a player, pitcher Brandon Beachey, who I had to place back on roster. I think Yahoo does a good job in most areas, but improvement can be implemented.What I don't like is the day-night doubleheader. You are forced to play the same players both games even if your research indicates that you should not play a player inb both games. Or let's say you get someone hurt in Game 1? You don't get a chance to replace him in Game 2. That's not right,

    • i dont get either

    • I think it's a good policy the way they have it now. You can't play bench players, you are forced with your current lineup. People that try to exploit this rule are going to start accumulating less games played and innings pitched.

    • don't see an advantage in giving up transactions just to keep a guy on DL. for a couple of games, maybe. but long-term, doesn't make any sense.

    • How can they force someone to make a roster move? What is the alternative? Void all stats until the formerly DL'd player is moved out of the DL slot? Doesn't seem fair to me.

    • Sometimes you don't know who to drop or maybe you want to see how well they player does before bringing him off the DL. I think the rules are pretty fair.


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