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  • Damon Damon May 29, 2011 2:17 PM Flag

    Public Leagues - Lack of a willingness to trade?

    Have played in Yahoo! public leagues for years. Generally speaking, the leagues I'm playing in seem to contain managers who demonstrate a season-long lack of willingness to make/consider trades. Anyone else feel this way? Maybe I have been in "dud" leagues all of these years? If the Auto Draft doesn't hook you up, it's tough to claw back from down in the league using on free agents pick-ups. Frustrating!

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    • In our league to promote trade we made a 25 moves for the whole season and everyone is trading. But at the same time you see a lot of foolish trades being accepted it ridiculous so it kind of evens out I guess.

      A guy traded Andrus, Cory Hart, Fausto Carmona and got R Halladay, Hanley R, Carlos Quintin. lol so there u go.

    • Ive found this to be true aswell. But i also find that 95% or more of the offers are one sided to the point of being an insult. And 90% of the rest are of no benefit, there basically wash. Not to much left after that.

    • I've done public leagues every yr for several yrs now and I always end up with at least half of them being like this. The biggest problem is just the fact that about half the managers just never do anything after the draft. The auto pick drafts can be the worst too. Some teams end up stacked an others are crap. So many times one team gets loaded on big bats and the never make a move all season and be in 1st or 2nd place. That's what will drive me insane!

    • I've been playing public leagues for years and have found the same..BUT! there are always at least a couple of managers who are approachable..what I do, is send them a note thru their e-mail and ask if they are interested..BEFORE!, I offer the trade.if they seem amenable, I offer. Sometimes you may have to overpay, for the first trade, but later in the year it usually pays off if you need a player or two, and you have a good rapport with a manager you have previously made a trade with.But I know...some managers just will NOT! trade..or feel that their 'name player' is worth a kings ranson...just cuz of his name! Good luck! it's worked for me anyway!

    • A lot of public leagues get apathetic owners, but also get some serious ones. Usually, people seem to lose enthusiasm after the first month, best to do your trades before then. If you can win a public league, you can play in a winners league, and those are pretty competitive and active.

      That said, don't do autodraft. Your team will get stuck with crappy players that no one wants. Heck, you could pick up a great player, like berkman, but if you offered me berkman for someone like, i dunno, andre ethier, i'd probably decline, simply because it's so young in the season that I and other managers still hold out hope for our highly ranked players. So maybe that's why your trades aren't working.

      However, you can win by using mostly free agents. For pitching, just go to free agents, search pitchers for totals over the past month, and pick up a rotation of scott baker, bartolo colon, bud norris, erik bedard, evin santana, ricky nolasco, and maybe even anibal sanchez, if he's still out there. There's a quality starting pitching staff, and I would venture to say most of those guys are still available in your league (Some are available in my winners league, a lot are available in my regular public leagues). Basically, target guys who have posted roughly a k per inning (most important), with a decent era/whip (less than 4.15 era is my cutoff, 1.35 whip). Wins are meh.

      Then target guys who may become closers, if you don't already have minimum of 3 closers on your team (grant balfour, jansen, jamey wright). Good way to do this is to sort pitchers by saves. Then, focus on k rate, pick up what you can. Those guys may not pick up saves right away, but they'll put together a quality era, whip, and strikeouts, and maybe even rack up rogue saves or wins. If you picked up walden, salas, or santos this year, you are reaping the benefits already. But note how quickly a closing situation can change, so stay on top of it.

      Basically, you can put together an allstar pitching staff from free agents. Pitching is that deep this year. So, i would recommend trading away your best starters, the ones with an o-rank of 100 or better, for quality offense, especially in the positions you need, because that is what is really hard to find. You may have been able to pick up asudual cabrera this year, but if you have troy tulowitzki, cabrera is not gonna do you too much good. So you may have to sell your pitching to active managers at a steep discount, but that's how you win.

      This post was way too freaking long.... my point is, it's possible to win with free agents. Just be patient, get a good offense.

    • I play public leagues but you have to find a group of friends to play with in order to have a fun season

    • ive been sending out trade offers, almost 2/3 week n nothing....i'm in a 12 team n 5 of those teams just don't care. no FA moves, players on DL n don't even put them on the bench. I can't make any trades either..... why don't we exchange emails and put together a league of our own for next season??? a league where managers are active and don't abandon their teams.....

    • There is a solution - Don't play public leagues. I've found some GREAT leagues with plenty of active, trade happy managers by browsing through custom leagues. That's really the key, look for the ads commissioners post on these boards for leagues that have been going on for years and take the spot of a manager who has left. Those leagues are always the best because it usually ensures that most managers will stay active and respond to your offers.

    • Don't worry you aren't the only one dealing with that issue. I feel it is the same for every sport not just baseball. It's like once a team can't compete the owner quits monitoring the team and gives up. I have good teams and mediocre teams in fantasy baseball but I keep looking at FA and the waiver wire and keep playing because I never know. During the basketball season my team squeaked into the playoffs with the #6 slot and I ended up winning the championship versus the number 1 team in our league so that goes to show you it isn't over til it's over.

    • Yeah, it's not uncommon. You've got to play the waiver wire carefully and get lucky if you had a crappy draft.


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