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  • Orange Julius Orange Julius May 18, 2011 3:06 PM Flag

    RATE my TEAM

    Yahoo standard 5X5

    Buster Posey
    Ryan Howard
    Dustin Pedroia
    Mart?n Prado
    Jose Reyes
    Matt Holliday
    Carl Crawford
    Nelson Cruz
    Eric Hosmer
    Adam Dunn
    Dan Uggla
    Asdrubal Cabrera


    Jaime Garc?a

    Ricky Nolasco

    Jeremy Hellickson

    Alexi Ogando

    Roy Oswalt

    Jair Jurrjens

    Gio Gonz?lez

    Brandon Beachy DL

    I know i need a couple of closers. After many trades this is what my team looks like.

    What would you rate this team out of 10?

    thanks for looking

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    • forgot to mention 10 team league

    • I would give it a 10 for offense, and a 3 for pitching. Just get some closers and you are a 10!

    • 8/10. SP, lineup great. do something like trade reyes for a closer and put cabrera at SS. Since SS is so thin, you could get a good closer

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      • He should NOT trade Reyes for a closer.. Since he has no closers, he's already about 30 saves down for the season. It's too late to fix that category unless he somehow could trade for 3 closers and even then, he'd probably only make it half way up the points.

        Being that you didn't draft for closers, I really doubt you are 1) winning your league and 2) winning in categories ERA and WHIP. If you are, then why don't you just post your leagues Standings here in the message board, so we can all put to rest whether we believe you or not.. I'm pretty sure we'll never see that post.

        Your team is a 6ish.. leaning more to 5 than 7. I'm sure you are around 4th or so in your 10 team league unless you have a bunch of others that aren't even managing their teams.

    • thanks guys.

      Anyone else?

    • Buster Posey - underperforming, will be tired with full season
      Ryan Howard - striking out and underperforming like last year
      Dustin Pedroia - really struggling to find his stroke
      Mart?n Prado - A BEAST THIS YEAR
      Jose Reyes - He's healthy again and is top 10 talent
      Matt Holliday - A really good start, but alittle far fetched to keep it up.
      Carl Crawford - What a waste of money.
      Nelson Cruz - one DL stint already, should be back soon. When's the next DL?
      Eric Hosmer - Fire if you drafted him very late. Awesome upside already.
      Adam Dunn - horrible pick and is struggling
      Dan Uggla - another horrible pick struggling
      Asdrubal Cabrera - Doing awesome!


      Jaime Garc?a - Top 10 pitcher right now

      Ricky Nolasco - Top 20 pitcher right now

      Jeremy Hellickson - major upside now that Rays are scoring runs. Should hit 15wins if they don't cap his innings

      Alexi Ogando - surprise surprise. what happens when hunter, and webb come back?

      Roy Oswalt - great pitching with phillies, but he will get hurt

      Jair Jurrjens - top 15 pitcher right now. I expect to be the best in the braves SP's

      Gio Gonz?lez - A Beast. My favorite!

      Brandon Beachy DL - sucks he got hurt. on pace to be top 20.

      Well i don't know if other people commenting on your team is even playing fantasy baseball this year, but your team isn't going to win the championship.

      1. your pitching is much better than your hitting. If you think your hitting is better, your going to be heartbroken.
      2. you really didn't concentrate on anything in picking your hitters. you have 1 true 5 category player in reyes and many of them are just mashers which will not be consistent. None of your hitters have a high upside. You drafted way to safe.
      3. you could held off on drafting OFer's til the middle rounds. Looking for Stanton, Rasmus, Logan morrison, Victorino, .
      staton will hit more HR's than all your players besides howard. rasmus will score more runs than probably 2 of your players combined. morrison and victorino will end up with more total pts then any of your outfield.

    • 6/10

      You have a bunch of underachievers in Petey, Posey, and Crawford. They could have a decent 2nd half season, but who knows.

      What happens if Holiday and Cruz go on the DL at the same time? You are screwed. You need to seriously change your draft strategy and avoid injury prone players (example: Ryan Zimmerman, Cruz, etc)

      In the future, take a catcher no earlier than the 10th round. They just aren't worth the risk. None of them play every day, and they all get tired. In fact, you could avaid them entirely and get someone good as a free agent, like I just picked up Lucroy for one of my teams.

      Your draft order should be something like this:

      1. 1st base
      2. OF
      3. OF
      4. SS
      5. 3rd base
      6. SP
      7 RP
      8.. 2nd base
      9 SP
      10 OF
      and so on.

      If is far easier to pick up free agent pitching than hitting. In most of my leagues, I dominate pitching with undrafted pitchers. Every year, there are many undrafted starters who emerge, but very few undrafted hitters are worth the time of day.

    • 9/10 great offense

    • 6 out of 10

    • bump.

    • 8 is it

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