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  • Steve Steve May 19, 2011 6:54 AM Flag

    RATE my TEAM


    You have a bunch of underachievers in Petey, Posey, and Crawford. They could have a decent 2nd half season, but who knows.

    What happens if Holiday and Cruz go on the DL at the same time? You are screwed. You need to seriously change your draft strategy and avoid injury prone players (example: Ryan Zimmerman, Cruz, etc)

    In the future, take a catcher no earlier than the 10th round. They just aren't worth the risk. None of them play every day, and they all get tired. In fact, you could avaid them entirely and get someone good as a free agent, like I just picked up Lucroy for one of my teams.

    Your draft order should be something like this:

    1. 1st base
    2. OF
    3. OF
    4. SS
    5. 3rd base
    6. SP
    7 RP
    8.. 2nd base
    9 SP
    10 OF
    and so on.

    If is far easier to pick up free agent pitching than hitting. In most of my leagues, I dominate pitching with undrafted pitchers. Every year, there are many undrafted starters who emerge, but very few undrafted hitters are worth the time of day.

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