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  • C-Mac C-Mac May 2, 2011 3:40 PM Flag

    RATE MY TEAM - (Letter Grade Only)

    Do i have a chance in a 12 team head to head league?

    C - Alex Avila
    1B - Miguel Cabrera
    2B - Robinson Cano
    3B- Alex Rodriguez
    SS - Hanley Ramirez
    OF - Hunter Pence
    OF - Jayson Werth
    OF - Bobby Abreu
    UTIL - David Ortiz
    UTIL - Ryan Roberts
    BN - Michael Bourn
    BN - Elvis Andrus
    DL - Victor Martinez

    SP - Josh Beckett
    SP - Tim Hudson
    SP - Cole Hamels
    RP - Brian Fuentes
    RP - Ryan Madson
    RP - John Axford
    RP - Kevin Gregg
    SP - Randy Wolf
    SP - Jeremy Guthrie
    DL - David Aardsma
    DL - Johan Santana

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    • You will need RP help. Madson and Fuentes are only temporary closers, and Gregg is terrible.

    • whoever says to drop beckett or hudson and hamels are your only solid pitchers is retarded. beckett looks back to his old form. your RP isnt that bad. axford and gregg will get 30 saves. with v mart in your lineup when he comes back wednesday, your hitting will not lose. Johan isnt done either

    • Guthrie is ur only weak link. Besides him, is looking pretty good.

    • I agree. What a lineup? How do you end up with Cabrera, Cano, Hanley Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Pence, V Martinez.. At least 3 1st round players..... wow

      After Hamels and Hudson, your starting pitchers are questionable. But I think you have a chance to do really well in your league, grab the hot pitcher... and stream good pitchers with good matchups (SP's vs San Diego are always a plus)..

      I agree that Johan Santana is done.... and should be dropped, hopefully opening a roster spot for you. I would probably start Michael Bourn over Ryan Roberts.... Bourn will end up leading the league in steals (around 60)...

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      • Thanks for the feedback... V-Mart and Cabrera were draft picks, Cano, A-Rod, Hanley, Pence were acquired through trades. As for Santana, He's on the DL so he's not really hurting a roster spot for now. That's what i usually do for pitching. Picking up pitchers with good match-ups...
        As for Bourn, just about the only reason why i picked him up. For the SB...

      • @ whosyourtiger: NICE analysis. I am surprised at the negative reaction Abreu is given by others in this thread. He certainly is not a liability in a 12 team format. This is especially true for this line-up, given its overall solid hitting!!!

    • A

      i wish i played in your league. You have stud hitters.

    • C=

      Your RP stinks. Starters to drop include Beckett and Santana.

      Too many injured players to compete. Drop Ortiz and Abreau.

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      • Wow man. You don't have a clue. Have you seen Beckett pitch recently? Drop Beckett? Are u crazy?

      • Beckett has been decent this year so far... Santana is on the DL so it doesn't really make any difference... As for Ortiz and Abreu, it's just a matter of time before they heat up...

      • Why is everyone down on Abreu. In a league of 12 teams, 21 per, then 252 players are used, right? -I assume DL players, categorized as such, do not count and must adjust roster after player is eligible again- Abreu is #204 for the season, according to Yahoo!'s "actual" number, so he should be on someone's team in this league.

        Using that same barometer, Abreu is #163 over the past 30 days and #36 during the past week (past week is a small data sample, I know, but it has some added relevance this early in the season). These numbers show Abreu's trend is upwards, for now. Previous season stats do not refute he very well does better than '11's YTD projected out. FYI, I do not have Abreu, but did and regret dumping him.

        I give this team an "A", but that is as deep as I can get on details without knowing the scoring categories used (i.e. K's for batters, Holds for pitchers, etc...)

        DO NOT get rid of Beckett right now - 32K's in 34 IP, 2-1 record, 2.65 ERA is above average and WHIP is outstanding @ 0.85.

        Look for the Mariner's Michael Pineda's availability (4-1). I got him weeks ago, while he was still under the radar at 1-1. I watched him play.

        Pineda is young and will make mistakes, but he throws high 90's even into the later innings. He has some nasty off-speed stuff. Search videos on MLB.com for him and watch the speed of pitches late in games and how he fools batters looking for the heater.

        Good luck!!!

    • a grade. how did u get hanley and cano and a rod idk.

    • Solid team in a 12 team League. I give it a B+/A-. Should get you to the playoffs...

    • your lineup is A minus bobby abreu and ortiz? not the best fantasy players plus andrus is your only real sb threat your rotation would be an A if you had a closer fuentes is done once bailey gets back you have a solid team but it could be more well rounded


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