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    Half of team is injured--what to do...

    I have Mauer, Martinez, Longoria, Pagan, and Delmon Young all injured as well as David Aardsma. I basically have no depth as a result and can't even fill my offensive side of the roster unless I start dropping folks to pick up another catcher and 2 OFs. Choices would be drop one (or more) of the above or drop a starting pitcher who is in the 25-50th rankings slot (i.e. colby Lewis, Aaron Harang). What would you do?

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    • Name everybody plz. Not just ur mash unit.

    • Drop Pagan for sure. If you have decent pitching that gets you k's elsewhere than drop Lewis to.
      If an upgrade is available that makes sense in your situation I might consider dropping Young , but thats only if I could still field a decent OF group.
      With both Mauer & Martinez explore the possibility of trading one for help where needed (I am assuming that you have another 1b option other than V-Mart , if not you have much larger problems than just injuries anyway) Certainly neither are the type of player one would drop.
      And it goes without saying that Longoria should be held onto no matter the case as he will be back in a week or two.

    • Drop Lewis before Harang.

      Some of the injured guys are coming back soon (Longoria) and shouldn't be touched, except to maybe stash them on the D/L for a temporary replacement.

      Pagan and Young can be dropped for 2 new OFs. Hold onto Aardsma, for the time being, as he also should be back soon and will either close or him or League will be traded.

      You may also consider trading Mauer and or V-Mart, separately of course, to uprade at weak positions. Maybe package them for a lesser catcher and a pitching upgrade. Check the other teams to see who has C strength. Check the waiver wire for saves throughout the season, if you need those. Boggs, Madson might still be be available. Farnsworth of TB if possible,.

      Just my honest opinion...

      Honest Scott

    • Drop Colby Lewis like yesterday and pick up a starter with a lower ERA. Lewis has velocity problems and it doesn't look like he's going to gain it back any time soon. Keep Harang. But trust me on Lewis. I live near Arlington and follow the Rangers extensively as they are my home town team. He's got nothing this season. He tried to get by on just throwing his slider and his changeup last time out and got crushed. Watch him pitch tonight and see if I'm right or not. Chances are good that he won't do well against a good hitting lineup like Toronto. Oh, and I'd drop Aardsma and pick up another RP that gets save chances. There are a few closer injuries lately forcing new guys to step in and fill the void for a while. Even when Aardsma gets back he won't get many save chances because the Mariners suck ass.

    • Dump Pagan and Colby Lewis.

    • Drop pagan.....Longoria shoud be back soon...I don't usually jump all over accepting trades with players on the DL....

    • Pagan isn't worth keeping since nobody knows when he'll be back. Nobody will make a waiver claim, so you lose nothing. Mauer might be worth trading, but you won't get McCann for him. Maybe Montero? I'd do it. Martinez isn't Mauer level, but you would get something for him. Personally I would keep Mauer, he may take a while to come back but might carry your team when he does. Young ought to be back in a couple days - may as well wait that out.

    • get sam fuld and drop pagan if u can

    • oh and drop delmon young too, just pick up a different outfielder, im sure someone else is out there.....bourjos, gomes, raburn any of these guys are solid options. and yah i would just drop victor martinez at this point

    • drop angel pagan, and why did you draft Joe mauer. never draft a catcher till last round. I got Carlos Ruiz in last round who hit me 2 homeruns, then I picked Matt weiters and he got me 2 homeruns this past week

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      • didn't draft him. Inherited a keeper team (get to keep 3) with pretty crappy options. Mauer was one of them. I kept Mauer, Martinez, and Weekes. Drafted Longoria #1. Only 1 DL spot, so that's already filled. Plan to trade Mauer at some point this year b/c due to league rules I can't keep him next year anyhow. I wouldn't have drafted him if given choice.

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