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  • Andrew Andrew Mar 28, 2011 3:49 AM Flag

    help please anyone!!!

    What are all your pitcher stat categories? You need to be more specific if you want help

    Unless holds is a stat in your league, you don't need that many relievers. You want 3 or 4 closers, max. 3 of you have all elite closers. If the closers are all taken up, pick up a solid set-up man who will help you out in ERA, WHIP and K's, who is first in line to close if his team's closer gets hurt, like Bard (Boston) or Soriano (NYY).

    You the rest of your pitchers need to be starters. Also, don't go more than 2 or three bench position players. If you do, that takes away from the number if pitchers you have, which will hurt you in the wins, K's, quality starts and grounded into double play categories (assuming you have all those stats in your league for pitchers). If you're in a roto/points league, you're done if you fall too far behind early. If you're in head-to-head, you'll lose the before mentioned pitching categories most weeks if you don't have many bench starters to switch in and out.


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