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    New Auction Money League

    Before I get into the details I would just like to inform everyone that I am a VERIFIED Paypal user. Meaning the info provided to paypal is legitimate. I have been doing fantasy for years, and have never had any problems. If you are interested in COMPETITING in a brand new, extremely trustworthy and (hopefully) extremely competitive league read further:

    12 teams
    Buyin = 100 + 5 for paypal fees
    Weekly League
    5x5 h2h
    Yahoo! League

    Total Pot = 1200

    Payouts =
    1st- 800
    2nd - 300
    Division 1 winner- 50
    Division 2 winner - 50

    1 Catcher
    1 First Basemen
    1 Second Basemen
    1 Short Stop
    1 Third Basemen
    1 Infielder
    3 Outfield
    2 UTIL

    3 Starting Pitches
    2 Relief Pitchers
    2 Pitchers

    5 Bench Spots
    2 DL spots

    Max Acquisitions Per week - 10
    Min Innings pitched - 15

    Yahoo Cant Cut List

    Players available as soon as yahoo adds them

    2 Day waiver period - Continual Rolling list

    Playoffs Week 23,24,25 (6 Teams)

    Auction Draft Format: Thursday, Mar 10 @ 930PM (Subject to change upon peoples availability

    Trade Review- League Vote, 2 Days

    Players become waivers after draft.

    Division winners awarded top playoff seeds, all other playoff seeds determined by regular season record regardless of division.

    Trade Deadline - Aug 14 2011

    I also have created a website (http://theleaguey1.webs.com/) for us where I will (and you guys will be able to as well) updates and such. We can have some real fun with this site. I just made it, and haven't really worked on it, which is why it looks a mess, but by the beginning of the season it will look awesome for sure.

    Ways to contact me:
    YIM: ramsfan811088@yahoo.com
    Windows Live: mbranch81@live.com
    Aol Instant Messenger: holt81stl10
    Email: mikeychini2@gmail.com

    I am on RIGHT now if you are interested and want to know more.

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