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  • Filthy Filthy Mar 6, 2011 6:08 PM Flag

    Cobra Fantasy Baseball 1 League openings ....

    .. for these listed franchises ..

    Chicago White Sox
    Florida Marlins
    Los Angeles Angels
    Milwaukee Brewers
    New York Yankees
    Oakland Athletics
    Toronto Blue Jays

    .. this is a dedicated active established 20 MLB team Salary Cap League. Serious active players need only to apply. Teams will be on a first come first served basis to replies to this post. Requirements are you must have a program that is able to read Microsoft Excel & Word files as this the League rosters, Free Agent players, Minor League protected players list and League with team Salary Cap info is kept. There are programs out there that do not cost you the price of Microsoft's Office and plenty that are free I believe that can read the Excel spreadsheet or Word documents. Also you will have to be a Cobra_Fantasy_Sports member as this is where all league business is done officially.

    The League spreadsheet is available for download in the files section of Cobra Fantasy Sports Yahoo group.

    Current GMs in the League may take over these franchises in place of their current franchise if they would like to represent their favorite MLB franchise instead? Be the first to reply with your franchise claim and I would be more than happy to make such a change in the League.

    Current franchises are ..

    Atlanta Braves
    Boston Red Sox
    Chicago Cubs
    Cleveland Indians
    Houston Astros
    Minnesota Twins
    New York Mets
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Pittsburgh Pirates
    San Francisco Giants
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Texas Rangers

    As soon as we fill the openings we will go right into Free Agency and such as rosters need to be input by March 27th. So we'd need to be Cap set, rosters set to the 25-player maximums(DL lists exemptions) and of course all team at or under the League's Salary Cap for this year which is to be determine in 7 days. Let's get this rolling now!

    If your interested in this League contact me at vikingman101963@yahoo.com