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  • Craigsports Craigsports Mar 4, 2011 9:09 AM Flag

    OMG LEAGUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4 years running, a UNIQUE hometown group….every GM keeps 5-10 players from their real life favorite MLB squad, are assessed respective keeper costs, and remaining players are auction drafted so all teams, big and small have equal $$....balance of power proven, last season, Orioles won the league title and Phillies didn't even make playoffs...everyon has a chance.…….5x5 settings…. expanding to 2 leagues this season, and continued split in a "All Star" and "Major" league beginning in 2012 based on this year's performance........this is a fun and competitive existing group for several years now......ONLY GMS THAT ARE DIEHARD GMS OF ONE OF THE TEAMS BELOW APPLY...(i.e. don't take the 'best" team available, it won't help, all teams have equal auction $$$ budget) and PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY THE TEAM YOU"RE CHOOSING IS YOUR FAVORITE....(ie. your Yahoo profile is filled with team names reflecting that favorite MLB team or city.....or, some background regarding your connection with this team).....email me for info: craigsports@yahoo.com

    …..first come first serve for rest.....

    so, if you're an interested DIEHARD GM of one of the teams below, come join us for a great season !

    White Sox


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